18 september 2022

Vanuit SpiritsEUROPE.

We sent a press release to all our media contacts this morning with the results of our new survey by Appino on use of digital labels.  The survey found that QR codes have become mainstream with European citizens with eight in ten respondents are now used to scanning them, and over 95% of those who have scanned them on food and beverages found that they are useful in getting detailed product information.  75% of those surveyed said they have scanned a QR code on a food or drink product, and nearly half said that they do so regularly.  Convenience, reliance, and readability of information are cited as the greatest advantages of digital labels.  Moreover, citizens want the EU to take action: 87% of respondents favour the introduction of policies to ensure that product-specific information conveyed digitally (such as via a QR code or barcode scan) is truthful and accurate.

The survey results are here. To view the full press release in its entirety, please click here.