17 mei 2017

Op de Engelstalige website The Parliament Magazine heeft Christopher Snowdon, hoofd Economics bij het Institute of Economic Affairs, een artikel gepubliceerd over de etikettering van alcoholische producten. Uit het artikel, dat terug te lezen is via deze link:

‘As someone who works for a free market economic think tank I find it difficult to argue against calorie labelling on alcohol products. Consumer ignorance is a form of market failure and if there is evidence of widespread ignorance about important facts, it can justify government action.

In my view, nutritional information on food and drink meets this criteria. The information should be unobtrusive and not resemble a ‘warning’, but it should be there for those who are interested.

The case of calorie labelling on alcohol, which the European Commission is currently looking into, raises interesting questions about how much information should be mandated by the state and how much should be sought out by the consumer.’