Compulsory legal requirements labelling regulation 1169/2011

Companies have to be compliant with the compulsory legal requirements by 13 December 2014 


What is the compulsory information to show to consumers?


1. Sales denomination (needs to be in Dutch)

2. Allergens, when present (needs to be in Dutch)

3. Net quantity (including the "â„®"sign (when used) to indicate the content is granted based onto container's manufacturing design)

4. Any special storage requirement and/or usage condition (needs to be in Dutch)

5. Name and address of the company located in EU (the producer or the bottler or the trader)

6. Country of origin or place of sourcing: only when the absence of it could lead to a mistake.

7. Alcoholic strength

8. "Use by" date for spirit based products < 10% vol.

9. Any local mandatory information


IMPORTANT: to date the following information is not compulsory for alcoholic products

- Ingredient list (not yet compulsory at EU level, can be locally requested in some EU countries)

- Nutritional information

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